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A World of Products Distributor

The initial cost of becoming a distributor of ours is $60.00. This cost includes 2 World of Products Catalogs, 2 Big Value Catalogs, 2 Bayberry Lane Catalogs, 2 Family Avenue Catalogs, 2 Christmas Catalogs, 1 Big Four Manual, 1 Wholesale Pricelist, 1 Pack of 25 Direct Mail Envelopes and 1 Pack of 100 2-Part Order Forms.

This packet has what you need to start showing your customers and to get your aworldofproducts.us business up running. Should you decide after you have received your packet that you DO NOT want to continue as a distributor, return the full contents of your packet to the address that we will provide (after you contact us) in the condition received within 15 days of receipt for a full refund of your $60.00. (Postage to get the items to you/us IS NOT a refundable charge).

We will also deduct $60.00 from your first initial order with us totaling $130 and above to get you off to a good start with your business SHOULD YOU decide to become a distributor of ours.

If the above is acceptable to you, then please call or email us for the password, thenĀ CLICK HERE to pay for your distributor kit.